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Lost Angels in a windblown world

I closed my eyes and saw angelheaded monsters trying to mind-fuck the machinery of my minds-eye,
consumed to abysmal depths by visions of wretched ugliness,
oh ugliness, oh profoundly terrible ugliness!
the lingering and horrifying fear of making a new connection,
permeates my soul and defines my existence,
fear of boredom? Perhaps,
fear of my own ego? Perhaps,
to detonate this ego is our only salvation becoming the initiate’s true liberation,
yet still my egocentricity multiplies when viewed being by other beings,
looking phenomenal in the nakedness of moment by moment existence is a form of self deception,
a form of self oblivion,
my own hypersensitivity to the higher wavelengths and energies of nonmaterial music intoxicate my spirit,
this sacred spiritual sacrament,
music with lyrics is sin, this pseudo poetry perverting the divine Dionysian essence is blasphemous at best,
woe onto thee who debauch and distort the truth of this higher art, this higher reality,
this orgiastic monstrous explosion of frenetic Dionysian energy which penetrates my soul,
my jazz,
my art, my life, my love, my end, my world as will and representation,
I make my infinite oath to not negate nor upload the nihilistic Nietzschean world view,
who is this eternal hedonist inside me,
how do my primordial passions materialize,
how can I escape the tragedy of life’s crushing profundity?
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