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Ramblings of a midnight man

Pistol packed profundity ready and able to explode the cerebral extension,
multifarious spontaneous dangerous verbal kinetics,
rhythmic alpha-male raw
differentiated-like genetics,
all I have to give is my confusion,
all I have to receive is your agitation,
peak into the wild naked wilderness-like labyrinth of my mind,
only to find the eternal enigma immense and absolute thriving in its own complexity,
replenishing its own energies by creating its own remedies,
my psychotherapist says I lack discipline,
innate in my essence is the inertia of this species evanescent existence,
if only this life was amaranthine
that beautifully deep reddish purple purplish red resemblance,
our generation is plagued by that lingering feeling of loss,
we are lost simply because art is dead,
the flower of life has grown decadent and decrepit,
who can save us now that art is dead?
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