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Minds madness manifested

Man's self-imposed mind-forg'd manacle manifested reducing his own
minds machinery to hysterical rants of Beatnik blacksploitation
through Kerouac's whacked out catholic interpretation of art,
we learned to destroy this entire notion of oneself to surpass the continuum
of this all-consuming perennial monotony,
house all your abstractions to set forth the coherence of this
perpetual mystery and magic,
I command this creature to alienate himself from every facet of this dream,
learn to break threw the seams that hold together the mask of your persona,
all along never knowing that life is a journey and thus irretrievable,
falsified by the utmost uncertainty of subsisting in the cracks of
time immemorial,
darkened by the ambiguity and lack of clarity,
the comfort will never be comfortable for the nonconformist neophyte
yet he must still examine the unexamined to bring forth a lamp where
there is no light,
to rupture the spell of the mindless excess of our nations animalistic
to free ourselves from the intensity of the day to day
we must repress the tyranny of the moment,
this was a journey.
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