bardia (bardia) wrote in bournvita,


I close my eyes to only realize that I'm awake from my dream,
from what stars have we fallen to meet each other here?
no longer sleep walking through waking life,
awaken from my modern day trance to view a vision of loveliness,
Paolo explosive inevitable,
those endless enigmatic abysmal emerald green eyes,
beauty personified,
eternal Amazonian dazzling black hair,
that exotic goddess look materialized,
Aphrodite rare resemblance,
the doors of perception would have to be cleansed so that Mind at Large
could be used to see you as you truly are: Infinite,
Paolo the flower of life,
to be put under your spell is to experience ecstasy,
chance encounter glancing at you beamy eyelids over in dark dismay,
your Dionysian essence equals the exact representation of elegant allure,
blown away by your naked pure appearance,
thank god that sacred Costa Rica for your existence,
modern day walking artistic absolute form of eternal perfection,
to view you is the process of moving from the darkness of the cave
into the light.
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