bardia (bardia) wrote in bournvita,

Will you be my oxygen mask?

Where have the minds of my generation gone,
why have they ceased to be,
have the mysteries of the universe vanished,
is all absolute,
has science taken the place of imagination,
has creativity been violently raped from our intellects,
whatever happened to intellectual curiosity and integrity,
who am I to cultivate the life of the mind with when my hole generation rejects the mind?
Ginsberg and Kerouac would be turning in their graves,
life’s labors lost oh what have we learned from our forefathers,
we are drenched drowning in a sea of confusion,
I do not apologize for my generations turning-off,
their lack of worth deserves no apologetic manifesto,
what reality have all the philosophers and artists penetrated,
I want to go there,
hey you yeah you turn off your TV,
turn of your music,
turn off all your distractions and destroy your conditioned escapist behavior,
but above all turn back on your mind,
and join me in the inner revolution I am initiating,
so when one day we shall meet you will have something to give me and I you,
let us cultivate each other and grow and develop in our relationships,
let our relationships move beyond mere entertainment and move on into the realm of the sacred,
I demand you yeah you again you thought you could escape my wrath,
I demand you to learn something so that we can inspire and motivate each other,
are else how will we ever know the ecstasies of the highest friendship the highest love?
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