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I love hearing people talk about acting or the stage,
for I can never see life as being unacted,
or even unscripted. To say that reality's lines
are unlearned is to ignore a lifetime of practice,
repeated workshopping of role, mannerism,
and rhetorical flourish. Though I will admit
that the playwright is often twice removed,
having left a story for us to play with
scant stage direction, bad costumes,
a plot that takes a lifetime to unravel,
and certainly no satisfying conclusion,
in the end, we're left with such
great potentials for ad-libbing on a whim,
sight-gags, and unexpected soliloquies,
if we're just willing to stop fighting
with the director, and float amid the infinite
nuance that separates this play
from the myriad others unfolding next door.

This is for __nutshell__ and stichodactylida
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