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(T. Beechey)

A long time ago when I was just a lad
I once had to shit one night really bad
But the toilet was clogged,so I held it all in
And that's how I acquired my shit-eating grin
At first,I just thought it was all a bad dream
Then I woke up in the morning and I started to scream
Cause I looked in the mirror and guess what I saw?
Shitballs hangin' off my chin,cheeks,and jaw

Shit-eating grin,shit-eating grin
Shitballs hangin' off my jaws,cheeks,and chin
And toothpaste and floss,they don't even begin
To erase a shit-eating grin

I went to the doctor and I went to the nurse
But I didn't get no better,in fact,I got worse
Cause my shit-eating grin became a shit-eating smirk
And everybody told me "Eat shit,you jerk!"
The plastic surgeon said "I'm not that skilled"
And the faith healer told me "I'm not that willed"
The zookeeper took one look at my face
Pointed to a cage and said "There,that's your place"

Shit-eating grin,shit-eating grin
Can you please tell me just what kind of sin
I committed to deserve an abomination
Like a shit...eating...grin

And that's my story,so sad but so true
And I hope and I pray it never happens to you
Cause,if it does,don't take offense
But your life won't be worth a lousy ten cents
I now spend my days just stayin' inside
With the lights all turned low,just tryin' to hide
From a world that won't listen or understand why...
But don't worry about me,I'll just eat shit and die

Shit-eating grin,shit-eating grin
When you have one,you just can't win
Oh,I've said it before and I'll say it again
Yes,I hate my shit-eating grin
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