molly thrasher (apathy_erases) wrote in bournvita,
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i am up and
leaning for most hitch
i want to get ripped
i fall and then slip
i wonder how it works
and then i just limp

oh i can't sleep
fabulous, i just leave
my soul and my brain
go up and then heave
it's like i'm in heat
blistering and over
over it's going slipping
up and down and slop around

this isn't a lost and found
it's all just a game
i'm jumping up and down
and falling in the space
left in between
hood and my sleep
blanket over me
and my pillow's getting weak

found this in me
explores from within
goes out and jumps around
and falls down again
want to just rest
follow up is just a mess
and going in the circles
of rounds of lesser hex

this is not my hand
my brain is not the same
i fight to suffer age
as i stage the upper land
the chips i see for real
i'm about that deal
that comes once around
and then jumps down
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