molly thrasher (apathy_erases) wrote in bournvita,
molly thrasher

Ergot Outbreaks

I become like a
playing discs
outside my mind
which I don't have
any control over.
Put on the spindle
by an outside genius;
I see I have no
control over me.

In this
I try to find a place
for me to be,
searcing and these
test tubes just
seem to get in
the way.

Dirty tricks of
an intelligence
far beyond our own.
I feel the drip down
my spine, and the
crystals freeze along
my nerves. Again
it begins, I feel
this potential.

The potential
for development
in this field has the
capability of an enemy,
but I find myself
everything as easily
as my best friend's
tone of voice.

Super secret units
of very small importance
are shipped and
recieved daily
between those of us
on the underground;
from down low in the
world of sharper sounds.

These dreams just seem
to pass through me, uplift
me and open a whole new
range of sight for me.
Agency gathered intelligence
is transmitted through me,
poppies are leaving and
the pods are breathing.

As the people of interest
in this memo explain, my
department of listening is
expanded again. I have a private
practice of jumping around and I
dance so much better
when these sights are abound.
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